Physical Rehabilitation

Stair climbing can be an excellent method for rehabilitating muscles and joints following an injury or operation. However, the associated impacts from going back down the stairs are risky and can be very counterproductive to healing. The ProStairs slide solves this problem by allowing rehab patients to capture all the benefits of climbing up stairs, while avoiding dangerous impacts on fragile muscles and joints on the way down. For this reason, orthopedic surgeons endorse ProStairs for the best rehab with minimal impact to joints during post-op recovery. Additionally, the "fun factor" of the slide helps relieve the tedium often associated with the physical rehab process.

Additional benefits include:

  • It promotes a total body workout in a safe and effective manner
  • It does not require any electricity or maintenance to function
  • Multiple clients can train on the unit at once
  • The unit can be customized to match your facility's brand.

"The ProStairs program is a very effective way to burn calories while at the same time strengthening bones and the muscles that protect our joints. Chronic and erratic loading from sports, running and excessive weight lifting can cause wear and tear on joints. Using the ProStairs properly can provide controlled impact, which reduces the potential of injury to muscles and joints."

—Dr. Michael Ayers

Orthopedic surgeon and former President, Massachusetts Orthopedic Association

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