Athletic Organizations

There are countless fitness products and regimens that promise to increase the vertical leap or maximum sprint speed of athletes, but few offer legitimate results that are backed by the science of exercise physiology. Scientists agree that the key to improving speed and explosiveness lies within the quick twitch muscles fibers, which ProStairs specifically targets.

Key benefits of ProStairs for athletic organizations include:

  • Improve overall athletic abilities while minimizing injury and degenerative bodily impact
  • Increase speed and explosiveness through plyometric exercise
  • Build leg and core muscles
  • Increase vertical leap, running speed, and agility
  • Prevent post-workout muscle soreness while increasing user’s VO2 max
  • Add-on strength exercise components enable a total-body workout
  • ProStairs supports group training workouts, making it easy to train the entire team on a single piece of exercise equipment
  • Each unit can be customized to match your team’s brand

"ProStairs has become an important part of our strength and conditioning program. Our coaches have seen improvements in our players' speed, agility, and explosiveness as a result of training on this equipment. It has enabled us to realize all the benefits of stairs training without any of the usual negatives from an injury perspective. ProStairs provides a superior workout and has upped the team levels of competition and comradery in the weight room."

—Ted Donato

Head Coach, Harvard Men's Hockey Team*

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